I have a passion for and deep understanding of Linux and FreeBSD servers.

Through the years I have installed/tuned NFS, Sendmail, Apache, Perl, MySQL, Java, Named, SSH, FTP and shared software repositories on dozens of missions critical servers.

Automation of tasks using Shell scripting and perl are my forte.

I would be interested in full-time or contract positions managing servers.

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Web Programming

If you would like dynamic content servered by a variety of mediums I may be able to help.

Whether adding to an existing website or starting from scratch, I can --using available software or from the ground up-- create powerful, scalable, dynamic web applications using PHP, MySQL, Javascript and Ajax.

I would be interested in full-time or contract positions creating web applications.

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I have provided web design and/or development services for the following:
  • Bryston Ltd
  •, Inc
  • Graziani Reptiles
  • Markus Jayne Reptiles
  • Don Patterson Reptiles
  • Eds Music Workshop
  • Indian River Reptile Zoo
  • Emmett Digital Solutions
  • Corey Woods Reptiles